Eski Büyükdere Cd. No:61, 34415 Kâğıthane
0212 319 9700

Bircom R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology is rapidly implementing innovative projects and draws attention in the international market with its software-technology development projects developed to date as well as the domestic market.

For now, 24 people are currently working at Bircom R&D Center, which aims to implement a visionary view with its cooperation with universities. This number is expected to increase to 30 people by 2020.

The fact that Bircom R&D Center is among the approved elite R&D Centers imposes a serious responsibility on Bircom. By combining expertise with technology and this expertise with an innovative and visionary approach, it aims to develop solutions from Turkey to the world. To date, projects such as software such as Callipso,, innovative procurement models such as Callipso, numerous hardware and adaptions of devices to turkey’s conditions and needs are being developed.

Bircom continues to develop its unified innovation approach with its formation manifesto with a better motto at bircom R&D Center.