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Hr Policy

Bircom company culture is built on being clear, lean, educated and flexible. He stands by his work, takes responsibility, constantly renews himself, works with solutions. He does his job passionately and makes him feel it. It offers an efficient experience by offering a combination of products and services. With all these concepts, he has the idea at the center when doing his job right. This ideal is defined as experiencing people's needs by adding pleasure to them while meeting them with maximum values. It aims to meet the needs and needs of its customers with the best technology experience.

Recruitment and Placement;

Bircom takes care that his teammates will be able to adapt to our young, dynamic, creative and manifesto, as well as the training, knowledge, experience and competencies required by the position in the selection and placement process of their team-mates.

Recruitment Internal Process;

Bircom makes it clear that they can switch horizontally/vertically to positions opened within the scope of interests and competencies to colleagues, making them able to use their knowledge and knowledge in different departments. This gives employees experience in new areas and career flexibility.

Trial Time;

New teammates joining Bircom have a 2-month trial period. 1 week before the end of this period, the relevant manager evaluates the new employee through his professional and personal competencies.


Bircom cares about the professional and personal development of its employees. Regular trainings are an important part of the company's development approach because the sector in which it operates is in the structure that constantly wants to update information and should be followed by trends and developments in the world. At the same time, he believes that training programs are necessary to minimize the problems that employees face while performing their duties, contribute to improving their professional knowledge and skills, and strengthen ing their competencies.

Performance Management;

Bircom implements a 180° performance assessment system in target-competency-based 6-month periods to determine the strengths and developmental aspects of its employees and shed light on education and career planning.

Pricing and Premium;

Bircom implements a fair-competitive wage and side rights management strategy that enables employee to charge according to their talent and experience with success indicators.


Bircom receives contracted catering services for General Directorate employees, while offering monthly meal cards to sales area employees.


Bircom pays its employees a road fee on the amount determined by İETT per month.

Social Responsibility;

Bircom cares about social responsibility projects with all its employees and gives the necessary support in a whole.

Bircom Women's Employment;

One of the aims of the establishment, the principle of equality, supports its sensitive approach to women's employment, both as a strong strategy for recruitment and development programs of universities in this regard.

To apply for a job, you email with your current resume and reference code for the ad you're interested in.