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Company Profile

Based on pioneering audio technology, we strive to unleash human potential by perfecting audio experiences and delivering innovative design and performance with all of our audio solutions. EPOS is part of the Demant group–a world-leading audio and hearing technology group that offers solutions and services to help people connect and communicate with the world around them. The Demant Group operates in a global market with companies in more than 30 countries, employs more than 14,000 employees, and generates an annual revenue of around DKK 14 billion.


Clear sound in any environment is important for doing business. With innovative voice enhancement technologies, EPOS allows you to hear and be heard perfectly, making it a lot easier to perform at work. Whether it’s talking to customers, working across time zones or listening in when decisions need to be made, it’s about communicating and collaborating with efficiency. It’s about equipment that delivers a seamless audio experience, so nothing or no one is misunderstood.

EPOS Adapt Series

Work Your Way

With Epos Adapt you can work flexible across situations and locations, with portable headsets including hassle-free device compatibility. You can communicate flawlessly in any environment thanks to microphones that enhance speech and eliminate background noise. Plus you can enhance your concentration with a headset that provides both Active Noise Cancellation and superior audio to keep you focused. Also ensure a sleek look and comfortable fit with contemporary, ergonomic designs developed to wear at work and on-the-go.

EPOS Impact Series

When Talk Matters

Enjoy excellent audio experiences and crystal-clear dialogue with microphones that filter out noise and enhance speech clarity. With Epos Impact you can get long-term comfort with headsets designed for every user preference and crafted from high-quality materials. With intuitive audio technology that’s easy to manage and gives you the benefits of both wired and wireless solutions. Epos Impact Line’s robust, reliable solutions designed to connect seamlessly across devices and systems and built to handle everyday use.

EPOS Expand Seriesi

Seamless Collaboration

Enjoy audio conference solutions that offer best-in-class voice pickup. EPOS ensures excellent sound for all participants. You can set up conference calls with equipment that’s easy to connect also intuitive to use and automatically configures with your devices. For personal and shared use both at the office and on-the-go, these portable designs transform any space into a meeting room. Our compact yet robust designs are beautifully minimal, with aesthetics that are determined by functionality and simplicity.

EPOS Microsoft Teams Solutions

EPOS, the leading provider of first-class audio solutions, has established a long-term partnership with Microsoft, the global leader of unified communications and collaboration, in order to provide you with the best communication and collaboration experience.


Thanks to the compatibility between EPOS and Microsoft Teams, you can start, end and hold your calls quickly and adjust the volume according to your setting. For Microsoft Teams users, explore EPOS Microsoft Teams collaboration solutions to get to know our ideal product portfolio and experience the product range.

EPOS Zoom Solutions

With the out-standing meeting features of Zoom and product variety and sound quality of EPOS, you can maintain your work efficiency with high performance whether from the office or at home.


Experience the superior audio and video compatibility of EPOS and Zoom that have meeting features that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate on your business negotiations on any device. For Zoom users, explore Zoom collaboration solutions to get to know our ideal product portfolio and experience the product range.

EPOS Cisco Solutions

EPOS is the preferred solution partner for Cisco and our certified products are marked as Cisco compatible. Thanks to our strong partnership, we can offer a wide range of premium headsets that enable you to get the most out of your Cisco IP phones and UC investment.


For Cisco users, explore Cisco collaboration solutions to get to know our ideal product portfolio and experience the product range.

EPOS Call Center Solutions

EPOS call center headsets are designed to provide an excellent sound and customer experience with innovations that filter out unwanted noise, clarify speech and strengthen the communication link. With its ergonomic structure and stylish Scandinavian design, you can work even during long calls with our headphones suitable for all-day use – without sacrificing convenience.


For call center users, explore call center headphones to get to know our ideal product portfolio and experience the product range.

EPOS Products