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The world’s most immersive sound. Test in the wild.

AMBEO Plus Soundbar

ADAPT 200 Series

Work your way

The world’s most immersive sound. Test in the wild.

AMBEO Plus Soundbar

ADAPT 200 Series

Work your way


Flawless Customer Experience

As Bircom, our most fundamental value is ensuring satisfaction for all the stakeholders in our ecosystem. Our customers are a priority among these stakeholders.


We consider anyone who takes an interest in our products and services our customers, and we strive to provide a satisfactory journey for them. For this purpose, we offer the most suitable products to our customers. We know our customers, we understand their expectations, and we offer the most suitable products to meet their expectations. We attach great importance to after-sales support.

Bircom Celebrates 50th Anniversary

In this 50-year corporate journey, we have progressed without compromising our basic principles, with a reconciliatory formula with good technology and customer opinions.


We modernized and developed our auto control structure that can be shared with our stakeholders. We have become one of the fastest-growing companies in Turkey with our vision with a belief in the power of communication and we have always maintained our motivation.
We have introduced the world’s newest technologies to our country for nearly half a century.

Easy Accessibility

Uninterrupted communication in all our communication channels.

Strong Technical Service

Specialized, trained, and uninterrupted technical support.

Fast Warranty Process

A technical solution is guaranteed for requests in a maximum of two days.

After Service

Follow-up in after-service for customer satisfaction.


B2B Platform is a closed online B2B marketplace with a strong technical infrastructure where companies operating in the telecommunication and consumer electronics sectors can both buy and sell. It offers the best technology with the best prices, with a smooth experience and a dynamic structure.


We offer the most optimal solutions for end-to-end uninterrupted secure communication of our business partners and customers.


Good Technology

Our Manifesto

Bircom’s corporate culture is clear, simple, educated and flexible. It doesn’t mind hardship because instead of sticking to a plan, it renews itself. For this reason, it takes responsibility and stands behind its work. It is passionate and makes it felt. It is solution-oriented and adapts quickly. Bircom doesn’t shout, it listens and shows. It offers products and services together and is efficient.


By following these principles, Bircom focuses on an ideal and adopts it while doing its job right. Because Bircom aims to meet people’s needs with maximum value, while at the same time giving them pleasure and experience. Bircom exists to meet the needs and purposes of its customers with the best technology experience.

With the power of knowledge.

Bircom R&D

Bircom adds innovative projects to the projects it has been working on and brings them to life rapidly. In addition to the domestic market, the giant draws attention in the international market with the software-technology development projects it has developed so far. Combining its expertise in technology with an innovative and visionary approach, it aims to develop solutions extending from Turkey to the world. 


Bircom allows the R&D Center to develop software such as Callipso, innovative supply models such as, and numerous hardware and devices. Bircom continues to develop its understanding of innovation combined with its formation manifesto, with the motto better at Bircom R&D Center.




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