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Bilişim Zirvesi’21 (ICT Summit) (Digital Event)

Our CEO, Can İLKHAN, took part in the Bilisim Zirvesi’21 event, sponsored by Bircom and Zoom  on Wednesday, November 24 with his presentation on “The Data Behind Our Communication” on the Big Data and Analytical Technologies Platform.

In the content of the presentation, how our communication takes place in big data with big data platforms, how we strengthen our communication with Zoom, new data sources about our workspaces and the effects of Zoom Room on this area, virtual receptionist environments and smart room panels, and modern workspaces with data and digital We talked about how we can manage together with the environment.

At the same time, we also touched upon the importance of devices in the hardware layers that we need to be able to report the number of employees attending the meeting, including the air quality in the environment with various sensors used in all these areas, for large institutions, to process the information in this field and to collect the information in this application layer.

The change and innovative approaches in our work desks during the pandemic we call the new normal, and managing data together with this communication platform always gives Zoom an advantage. Zoom not only provides this data to us, but also continues to work continuously to improve itself and the customer experience by processing this data.

You can contact us to get detailed information about our solutions in this field and to experience our solutions first hand.