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2N Telecommunications, a European manufacturer that has been designing and producing in the telecommunications and electronic security sectors since 1991, exports to 125 countries in the world. The public, 150-employee organization based in the Czech Republic, designs, develops and manufactures all its products in its own facilities.

The 2N product portfolio includes IP intercom solutions, elevator communication solutions, IP-based general voice overmusic and announcement systems, M2M devices, 3G backup and GSM FCT devices. Solutions:GSM FCT, IP PBX, Door and Elevator Communication Solutions, 3G Backup, M2M 2N, known for gsm fct products in Turkey for many years, offers IP intercom solutions in more than 125 countries since 1991 with the Helios brand, which brings together a stylish design and innovative technological differences. Helios IP interkom solutions work on Cat-5/Cat-6 Ethernet wiring used for data communication to solve intercom requirements for transit points without the need for additional wiring.

The 2N Helios IP Interkom family, which is identified as “Key Product” by 2N, is a next-generation diaphone system designed for homes and businesses. Helios Interkom solutions using IP technology are the next generation of video diaphone systems you know formerly known.

Helios IP Interkom solutions offer high durability solutions such as both building entry systems and emergency communication buttons in areas where security measures such as smart homes, offices and factories are high.