Products & Solutions

CPE Products For Telecom Operators

Xpeech VoIP Gateways (FXS/FXO/PSTN/ISDN)
Vegastream VoIP Gateways (FXS/FXO/ISDN) & IAD Devices
2N Telecommunications GSM Gateways (Analog/ISDN/SIP)
2N Telecommunications PABX
Digicom GSM Gateways
Xpeech GSM/VoIP Gateways
Sagem Modems/MID solutions

IP Fax & Voice Recording Products

Vidicode PSTN/ISDN Fax server
Vidicode PSTN/ISDN/Room voice recorder
Xpeech PSTN voice recorder

Headsets & Accessories

Sennheiser Communications Telecom/Mobile/PC headsets and accessories
Xpeech Bluetooth Telephone Adaptor

Software Solutions

Callipso Analyzer Enterprise and Easy Call Accounting and Billing solution
Bonsai Mobile Solutions J2ME/XHTML Application development Frame Work
SMS Software Solutions for GSM gateways
Stand alone Call Shop Solutions